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Rhino - 3D CAD the easy way
We provide highly effective Rhino training based around a series of projects. Each is designed to introduce you to a more natural and relevant selection of commands. Using them in a project when it becomes appropriate, is a more effective way to understand their relevance and place in the design process.

We take you through a series of projects designed to increase in complexity throughout the course. You will be encouraged to approach these in a strategic way helping you to understand how the design process is more than just seeing a demonstration of each command. It is choosing and integrating several commands together to achieve the brief.

Progress is made by the application of individual functions together with others in a coordinated way.

Interactive training.

We like to ensure there is a generous amount of time available for the content you want. Courses are deliberately kept small.

In companies that have several staff with similar interests, courses are kept to a maximum of 6.
Open courses are limited 2 people only.


As an additional service a tutorial can be written for your individual Rhino modelling project.

Tel us what you need so that we can quote.
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